I can’t stop telling people about this company. I always recommend South London Handyman to my friends and family, because I know this company can be trusted.

– Tom. T. 15.02.2015

I’m a CEO in a Greenwich based company. Small software business, we hire around 50 people. To be honest, I’m to busy to bother myself with hiring electricians, painters or plumbers every time there is a need. That’s why I hired South London Handyman. Why? They are the whole package – they do everything: painting, plumbing, repairing leaking taps, pipe work, fitting & fixing locks, hanging doors, replacing switches and sockets, replacing extractor fans, fixing light fittings, TV mounting, flooring, water damege repair. In other words – they will fix everything my silly programmers may break or damage. I recommend this company!

– David C. 01.02.2015

So far, I’m super happy with the service they provide. South London Handyman is an honest and reliable company, you have my words. They arrive in a matter of hours, as soon as possible, any time I need them. I’m to busy to deal with all that handyman stuff, and since my husband left me, I just can’t handle some of the things in home. Gentlemen from South London Handyman are really handy!

– Sara S. 10.12.2014

When it comes to handy jobs, I always call to South London Handyman. I know, this is a company I can trust. You know how it is, sometimes you hire someone, they come to your home, and you are afraid that they may do a bigger damage than what is already done. With South London Handyman, I have no such fears!

– Robert M. 06.03.2014